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Casper Brindle - Strata

Casper Brindle – Strata

Show dates: March 19, 2013 – April 30, 2013

Artist’s reception: Thursday, April 4th, 5:30 – 7:30pm

Left Stratum, 2013 - Automotive and acrylic paint and resin, 44 X 94 X 2.5 inches

Green Flash, 2012 - Automotive paint, LED lights and aluminum on panel, 41.5 x 90 inches

Negative Stratum 3, 2013- Automotive and acrylic paint and resin, 40 x 72 x2.5 inches

Platinum Stratum, 2013 - Automotive and acrylic paint and resin, 44 x 94 x 2.5 inches

Elijo, 2013 - Automotive & acrylic paint, resin, on panel, 38 x 68 x 2.5 inches

Solo Night, 2013 - Automotive and acrylic paint and resin, 44 x 94 x 2.5 inches

Norte, 2012 - Automotive Paint and Resin, 18 X 24 inches

Norte 2, 2013 - Automotive and acrylic paint and resin, 38 x 68 x 2.5 inches

Stratum 32, 2012 - Automotive and acrylic paint and resin, 18 x 24 inches

Though born in Canada, Brindle’s formative years were spent between the beaches and streets of the Westside of Los Angeles. This is clearly reflected in his use of color, material, and visual vocabulary.

In his early career, he was mentored by the internationally acknowledged artist Eric Orr, one of the pioneers of the light and space movement in California. Though clearly Brindle’s work cannot be separated from that movement’s practice, he has moved forward in his inquiries to incorporate other developments that have come to signify Los Angeles, and his own, art. His richly hued canvases, composed of bands of softened colors, seem to radiate and extend far beyond the boundaries of the picture plane. Yet within the composition is a distinctly architectural element that grounds these vibrant strands of color and shade. His use of high gloss, metal- flaked car finishes and resin is highly considered and deliberate, driving the image to its minimal essence.

Brindle has spent a considerable amount of time on a surfboard, which is also reflected in his tones and subject matter. The skies and seas of Southern California are evoked by his use of pinks, oranges and yellows, perhaps reflecting the minute by minute shifting of the sun sinking over the sea. Or a blue- black reflecting the clear sky of a neon LA evening, illustrating his fascination with light, and how it is perceived. This reductive vocabulary can strike the viewer as both intense and calming, striking and still. His perfection of surface is not about fastidiousness of process, but the perfection of the phenomenological result of his experiments.

Casper Brindle is represented by numerous galleries across the country. It is his first exhibition with Toomey Tourell.

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